Terms and Conditions to View Extra Information on Products


Priveleged User Registration

(As dictated in Section 9 of the Standard Terms and Condidions)


By registering as a Priveledged User of The Natural Medicine Company Limited website you are requesting that the Company provide you with access to certain additional information on products and substances that is not automatically availabe on the website, so that you can make informed judgements as to the potential use of these products and substances.


9.1  The additional information supplied relates to:

o       Traditional use;

o       Emerging scientific research;

o       Use in contemporary clinical practice.


9.2  In requesting access to this information, you acknowledge that the information provided is by its nature not scientifically proven, and that alone or in itself it may give an unbalanced of incomplete picture.  Furthermore, you accept that the information is provided to allow you to gain a more complete understanding of the current state of knowledge in respect of the subject matter and not by way of recommendation for use.


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