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Who Are We, Our Mission, Our Community

Who Are We

The Natural Medicine Company is a small, privately-owned, wholesale business operating from purpose built premises in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, within easy distance of both Dublin and to main distribution corridors to the rest of Ireland.

On a day-to-day basis we are practically involved in the complex logistics of importing high quality, health products and supplying them to Health Stores, Pharmacies and Healthcare Professionals nationwide.  Because some of our products are medicines, we have to have a pharmaceutical wholesale licence and operate to Pharmaceutical Good Distribution Practice (GDP) under the inspectorate of the Irish Medicines Board.  However, out of choice, we try to operate this quality standard across all aspects of our business because it helps us be more efficient, helps us protect the quality of our products, and requires us to ensure that all our products are what they should be.

The Natural Medicine Company and its staff have been working for over 30 years with some of the most respected companies in the industry sector.   Some of these companies have been in business for nearly a century and are amongst the finest custodians of the knowledge and ethos of the health product industry.  All of our suppliers are committed to producing quality health products that are as natural as possible and to doing so as sustainably as they can.  Together we pioneer an approach to healthcare that is both scientific and wholistic, and which strongly supports individuals who want to take personal responsibility for their health.

Behind the scenes, representatives of our company engage continuously with regulators, trade representatives, research bodies and professional organisations, trying to better understand the products we handle and to gain better recognition for our approach to health care.  We were seminally involved in the 1980s and 1990s in gaining legal recognition in Ireland and Europe for Homeopathic Medicines, Food Supplements and Traditional Herbal Medicines, and we continue to work to ensure that this legislation is implemented and developed to best meet the requirements of producers, suppliers and users of these products alike.

We can supply products on-line if necessary, but for the most part our business is conducted through retailers and our website is primarily set up to inform consumers and support this retail activity.

Our Mission

If the Natural Medicine Company has a mission, it is this:

"To supply natural quality health products to people who want to take personal responsibility for their health, and to support sustainable livelihoods as far as possible in the process”

As importers and wholesale distributors, we endeavour to ensure that the products we handle are of the natural quality we would like to see.  Because we ourselves are not producers, our input is largely limited to being selective about who we chose to work with and having systems in place to verify that products are of the quality they should be.  We will let you decide for yourselves as to the quality and ethical status of our suppliers by following the links and reviewing what they have to say on their Brand pages.

Try as we can, we often feel that our attempts at sustainable living, as a wholesaler, are little more than damage limitation!  But we do try to do our bit:

  • We work on modest margins, pay modest salaries;
  • We drive cars which provide the highest miles per gallon we can find and run and maintain these with emission limitation in mind;
  • We are a member of REPAK and recycle whatever and whenever we can;
  • We employ local people wherever possible to support our local community and limit the commute to work;
  • We heat our offices with a wood-burning boiler run of timber from a local, continuous-cover woodland.

Our Community

Community is all about the people with whom we interact on a regular basis. In years gone by communities consisted of friends, family and neighbours in the area where we lived.  Today, however, modern transport and information technology have created a world with infinite communication possibilities.  In this world the communities we build can spread right across the globe.

The Natural Medicine Company community consists for the main part of our working colleagues, our suppliers and our customers - but also of our service providers, industry colleagues, regulatory authorities and other organisations and individuals with whom we are regularly in contact:

  • With the exception of our regional representatives and part time consultants, the people who work at the Natural Medicine Company live locally in the West Wicklow, Kildare area;
  • Our suppliers source product from all over the world, but they themselves are based for the main part in Europe (UK and Germany); however, we also have one suppler from the USA, and four suppliers from New Zealand!
  • Our customers are for the main part Health Stores and Pharmacies; the 200 or so Health Stores are the main stockists of our brands, but you will also find some products in nearly every pharmacy in the country; and we also supply Health Professionals with products they need for their practices (e.g. Nutritional Therapists, Medical Herbalists, Homoeopaths, Beauty Therapists);
  • The trade associations for our industry sector are the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) and the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS);
  • Our main regulatory authorities are the Irish Medicines Board and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland;
  • We have a long standing historic relationship with the Camphill Communities in Ireland, who create a living, working environment for people with special needs; these communities use many of our products for the health care needs of their students and co-workers;
  • The two charities that we most frequently support are Bothar and The Nial Mellon Trust.



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