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Natural Medicine
Natural Medicine
Natural Medicine
Natural Medicine


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Welcome to the website of the Natural Medicine Company...

This is a space dedicated to promoting health and well-being.

For the main part we provide information on ‘health products’, explaining what they are and what they are for, who are the brands we work with, who are the retailers that stock these brands, and who are the professions that recommend them.

We also raise some challenging ideas about health and about what it is we need to do to live longer, better quality lives.  For us health is not just an abstract idea;  it is a very real part of our very real lives; it is not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state that can be maintained and enhanced through care and understanding.

The products we supply are designed to promote health by providing nourishment and by gently supporting normal body functions.  We do not pretend to fully understand how the complex natural ingredients used in these products interact with our even more complex human organisms to create health. We are, however, committed to presenting what health information we do have as honestly, accurately and meaningfully as we can and to updating this continuously with what is being learned from science and general experience.  This information is provided for free; what you do with it is up to you!

We hope you find your visit(s) of value.


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