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Who Is BetterYou?

Who we are…

BetterYou is a collection of passionate individuals who are committed to pioneering the development of a new chapter in modern health supplementation. Based in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield the BetterYou team works hard to deliver BetterYou products all over the UK and to 16 countries worldwide. 

The BetterYou Source…

BetterYou uses only the finest, food sourced or 100% complete range better you productsnatural ingredients believing that these are better absorbed and more importantly, better utilised by our bodies, than more commonly used isolated or synthetic ingredients.

Our formulations are designed to be as universally acceptable as possible, we avoid the popular use of soy and most of our products are suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and diabetic diets. 

We do not condone the testing of ingredients or products on animals. They don’t have a choice, we do! Our team trial every product before launching and all products are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Our beliefs…

BetterYou has a strong belief in research and clinical trials and have supported initiatives within the fields of transdermal magnesium therapy and also sub-lingual supplementation we work with institutions such as Cardiff University, HFL Sports Science, StMark’s Hospital (NHS) and overseas with The Medasso Clinic (Romania) and the Magnesium Health Institute (Netherlands).

We strongly believe in demonstrating, through solid scientific research, that our products actually work! We have scientific trials to support our Magnesium range, B12 Boost spray and Vitamin DLux sprays. We believe in putting food first, then using our product range we can plug the ‘gaps’ that are left.

Unique application of delivery…

BetterYou are a pioneering natural health company that specialise in magnesium and vitamin D products. These products stand alone in the market place by their unique application; magnesium being absorbed through the skin, and vitamin D/ B12 Boost sublingually (sprayed under the tongue) in the mouth.

For BetterYou, launching new products is about being innovative, but most importantly that every product launched is backed by research to prove it works. Andrew Thomas, founder of BetterYou, said, “Everything we produce must have research to back it up.” This is something we can say for both the magnesium oil and sublingual sprays.

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