Mouth Watchers

Mouth Watchers

Antibacterial toothbrush with flossing bristles™ for complete cleaning

Bacteria thrives on a toothbrush after use. In a warm, moist environment of an average bathroom, bacteria on your toothbrush can double every 20 minutes resulting in as many as 100million micro-organisms on your toothbrush!

This bacteria leads to illness, cavities and gum disease. USA Today Health Review reported the “The most serious threat to your everyday health may be hanging in plain sight in your bathroom.”

Our innovative antibacterial bristles eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build up on the toothbrush. Using patented technology, nano-silver suppresses a bacteria cell’s respiration and metabolism, thus inhibiting cell growth that normally causes infection, odour and illness.

The Mouth Watchers Antibacterial Toothbrush was tested at two independent laboratories and proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria within 6 hours.

With its revolutionary bristle design, the Mouth Watchers Antibacterial Toothbrush is the first and only toothbrush to properly clean areas where bacteria most often lives. In addition to a bed of thicker bristles for stability and power, the advanced Flossing Bristles™ access the central fossa area of the tooth (the central region with ridges and grooves where 90% of cavities occur) and periodontal pockets (between the gum and tooth) to brush away cavity and gingivitis causing food and plaque to build up. This is why your teeth feel like they have been professionally cleaned every time you use your Mouth Watchers toothbrush.

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