Salus Haus

Salus Haus


In 1916 when the father of Mr. Otto Greither founded SALUS Haus the success of the company could not be guessed at. What once were pioneering ideas of sustainability and holistic approaches to medicine have become, at the start of the 21st century, widely accepted. Today's discussion of the SALUS HAUSsustainable use of the Earth's resources is the same as our conviction that man and nature are equal partners and dependant on each other. The Salus concept of healthy living has always had at its heart, the notion that a high regard for nature and the welfare of man go hand in hand.

Who are Salus Haus? 

Salus-Haus is a Bavarian company that manufacture some of the most well known herbal products available on the market, including the award winning Floradix Liquid Iron Formula.

With over 90 years of experience within the health industry they can now boast a wide range of liquid supplements, tablets, capsules and organic herbal teas – all produced to promote healthy living the natural way.

Their dedication to good health extends far beyond the products they make. All their research, development and production systems are built on a foundation of environmentally sound procedures.

The company actively contribute to the well-being of the environment and even the power supply for their production plant is generated naturally by a stream that runs through the centre of their Bavarian factory.

Quality & Production

"Protection of the environment and quality products are just empty words if we do not continually invest in their implementation:" modern production technology, comprehensive control and testing systems, training and education, innovative research, expert sales staff.  The goal of all this is the continuous improvement and further development of the product range.

Environmental Engagement

The efforts of Salus and its employees, to achieve their own environmental goals and thus to significantly exceed European and national legal standards have been repeatedly honoured:
– The company is holder of the environment award of the German Federal Working Committee
   for Environmentally Conscious Management (B.A.U.M.).
– EU eco-audit (EMAS): since 1996 Salus has been regularly commended for its efforts and
   successes in environmental management.
– In 2003 Salus company owner, Mr. Otto Greither was voted eco-manager of the year by the
   Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the economy magazine "Capital".


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