has made available to everyone an ancient method by rediscovering this thousand-year-old practice and reviving an old country tradition.

The cone for the ear care has been known throughout the world from time immemorial. It was discovered that a similar method was used in Bolivia and by peoples who lived far apart such as the Hopi Indians and the Chinese who have always been very sensitive to natural remedies.


As a result of heat, the OTOSAN cone revitalises the blood circulation and recharges the ear with energy. The ear, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, is a "cold" organ. This provokes an immediate, widespread feeling of well-being.

As well as from waxed cloth, the ear care cone was made from rolled tobacco or corn leaves in the past. The ear-cone was widespread in Italy, especially in the rural areas of Romagna, Veneto and Sicily. .

Often, on Indian beaches, ear cleansing is offered to tourists. If the various ducts are free of wax, they say "the energy flow will be free, too"

Drawing of a Hopi American Indian village. They have known the ear-cone method from time immemorial

More and more people are becoming aware that the quality of life is based on the relationship among the well-being of the body, the soul and the surrounding environment. This is why the OTOSAN ear cone is appreciated by many people from different cultures and backgrounds in various parts of the world.


Information and imagery from official website: www.otosan.com and www.otosan-ear-cones.co.uk 

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